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No More Distraction

Are you a teacher or educationalist who has a class or an institute full of students getting distracted with technology?

Studies prove that typically students are prone to distraction, forgetfulness and have trouble organizing and completing a task. They even become bored easily, struggle to follow directions, apart from have difficulty focusing on one thing.

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In another study, 92% of students reportedly use their phones to send text messages.

On the other hand, sometimes, smartphones and other mobile devices can be used for positive purposes in the classroom. For example, instructors might choose to employ a variety of applications.

We at Jordiam, LLC aim to address the core issue through an innovative product.

Phone Lockers for Students

For smart and intelligent usage of smartphones in the classrooms and at workplaces Jordiam, LLC has invented phone lockers for students and employees. These one of a kind lockers come with a clear case and can be easily attached to a student’s or employees desk. Each desk can now have a case for the students or employees phone.

Advantages of Phone Lockers

  • Increased student-teacher engagement time.
  • Strengthens relationships with peers.
  • Enhances chances of a safe and fun engaged classroom experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a globally responsible student-citizen free of such blemishes. Teaching them the responsible use of smart technology and building 24th-century classrooms.